Monday 10 November 1986

…Captain Mark Phillips got hurt in a car crash but luckily he’s all right.
It’s a bit awful five days away from his wedding anniversary…

I’m not sure quite what prompted this outburst of monarchism, but at least I was taking an interest in current affairs. Little did I know at the time that Mrs Mark Phillips’ current affairs did not include Mr Mark Phillips.

In other news, “the road safety lady” visited our school this afternoon to “tell us about stop, look, listen, the Green Cross Code and other vital things”.

Later I watched The Krypton Factor and Executive Stress.

In the long term, I’m not entirely sure which has proved more useful: knowing never to cross a road between parked cars, or knowing that if today is Sunday 3 March, the date of the Saturday before last assuming it’s not a leap year is 23 February.

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