Thursday 4 December 1986

…Today we had the day off from school and the whole family
went to London for the day.
As usual we couldn’t find seats on the train till we got to Leicester.
We went to Covent Garden where I froze to death.
We also went to Downing Street where we saw the prime minister
go to do question time in parliament.
As well we went to Trafalgar Square, HMV and Selfridges for a drink.
We all got terribly tired.

There’s no explanation why this trip took place on a weekday rather than at the weekend. I’m very surprised I was allowed a day off school. I’m even more surprised my parents countenanced asking for one.

Perhaps they’d got hold of some kind of special offer on train tickets. Perhaps it was conceived as a kind of early Christmas present, albeit one that involved a stolen glimpse of Mrs Thatcher through a car window.

Or perhaps it was intended to distract me from what I was set to face tomorrow…

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