Friday 5 December 1986

…Today has been one of the most worst days of my life.
I had to have my Grade 3 piano exam.
Dad collected me from school at 12pm and drove me to the convent.
As luck would have it, it was pouring with rain.
My exam wasn’t until 12.28pm so I waited in the Needlework Room.
I will certainly not get a Distinction, possibly not a Merit, because
I was hopeless in the exam room.
My pieces turned out rubbish.
I got my aurals wrong.
I lost count on the sight-reading.
As for my scales, well, we won’t talk about them.
Later on in Art we made paper hats.
I failed miserably.
I also had a catastrophe with tissue paper on the stairs.
The less said about that the better…


2 thoughts on “Friday 5 December 1986

    • My piano teacher was also head of music at the convent, and would arrange for his out-of-hours pupils to take their exams at the same time as those from his day classes. Hence the awkward wait in the Needlework Room. But I wasn’t being examined by the nuns. They were merely the hosts. Or the Hosts, for anyone of a religious bent.

      As for the result of the exam, both you and the 10-year-old me will have to wait a few days longer…

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