Tuesday 23 December 1986

…We had to do our Christmas food shopping in Sainsbury’s.
It was madness.
Why couldn’t we have done it last month?
The food would have gone off, that’s why.
Spent five minutes getting into the car park.
Mum spent 82 pounds!
Well, it was for two weeks.
We spent two hours getting all our food,
20 minutes of which were spent checking out at the checkout.
Later I watched the Krypton Factor grand final.
The winner was a certain David Kemp…

No presumption here as to the merits of doing the food shopping early. But then I imagine you’d have been hard pressed to find a whisper of a mince pie in Sainsbury’s before the start of the month. I’m also taken by the idea of not going back out to the shops for a fortnight.

As for the Krypton Factor, it would have been smashing to find a clip from this particular edition online somewhere.

Even more smashing, however, is this clip, of a different bunch of contestants (but no doubt of similar middle-class, middle-management stock) from what looks like the mid-80s trying to assemble a three-dimensional puzzle of a map of… the ITV regions!

As for the “certain” David Kemp, it turns out he is now a governor of Canterbury Christ Church university.

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