Tuesday 30 December 1986

…Harold Macmillan, former prime minister, died today.
He was 92…

Macmillan was one of those people who always looked old. Even when he was prime minister back in the 1950s he had the appearance of an octagenarian, albeit a somewhat sprightly one.

Here’s the old bugalugs in 1956, flashing a £1 Premium Savings Bond:

Bond; the name's Premium Bond

His death was quite a big deal at the time. He’d become a bit of a one-man anti-Thatcher movement in the House of Lords, likening her fondness for privatisation to selling off the family silver. But as with the similarly-themed verbal eruptions from Ted Heath, I don’t think Thatcher gave a toss.

Elsewhere today my family played the board game Scotland Yard. “I won by capturing the crook – aka Dad – on his 20th move.”

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