Saturday 10 January 1987

…Today it actually SNOWED.
BUT, and there always has to be a catch, it wasn’t a proper deep covering.
I read more of Live and Let Die,
but it doesn’t seem to have the famous motorboat stunt scene,
as in the film*.
I think I am going to buy the Utterly Utterly Merry Comic Relief Book,
because it looks very funny inside
Watched The Hunter and Muppet Babies.
Then I watched Saturday Superstore whose special guest
was the prime minister: Margaret Thatcher MP…

This event doesn’t seem to have made the final cut of The Iron Lady. A shame. It would’ve been great to see Ms Streep perched on a sofa in a recreation of the Superstore studio, cooing the praises of – and thereby demolishing the credibility of – Thrashing Doves. And it would’ve been equally fascinating to see who they’d come up with to play Mike Read. David Tennant? Michael Sheen? Or maybe, for simplicity’s sake and to keep expenditure low, the man himself?

NB. It was the pig she was particularly taken by.

*Oh dear oh dear.

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