Monday 12 January 1987

…AT LAST: the snow has arrived.
And there’s more to come.
Today it was over -50 in Russia and it was the coldest day in
Manchester which has only occurred three times over the last century.
This morning I froze to death when we went to school.
You should have seen what it was like at playtime.
Today in maths we were working in Base Hex.
We had to do some sums, play a type of game and
cut out bits of card: SO HARD.
It was really quite weird at first but now I know how it’s done
but I won’t explain because it’s a load of meaningless drivel…

I can’t imagine this made it into the soon-to-be-introduced national curriculum. Why we were even studying such an abstract system is bemusing. Was our teacher privy to some Whitehall documentation that suggested switching all high street transactions to a positional numeral system with a radix of 16? (And yes, I’ve just copied that explanation from another website.)

But look: we were in school even though it was snowing. The Falklands spirit lived on. That, or the outside toilets were still functioning and the NEV-R-BREAK lagging on the school boiler was just about intact.

For now…

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