Tuesday 13 January 1987

…Today’s weather conditions were even worse than yesterday.
The snow now is REALLY deep and when I mean really,
I mean REALLY.
This morning I trudged off to school in my wellies and
so did everybody else.
It was such a mess in the cloakroom when I came in.
Snow, wellies, shoes everywhere – it was chaos.
Somehow we all managed to get in our right classrooms.
We had to write something about how old people feel in
this appalling weather…

What a selfless gesture. Not that it did the old people any good.

Later over lunchtime there was a massive snowball fight in the playground and even more mess in the cloakroom. Well, what did the staff expect? That having let us outside we’d just stand in silence and watch as the flakes continued to fall?

Saying that, all pretence of sticking to the usual timetable had clearly vanished come the afternoon, when in lieu of our normal lesson the teacher announced we could do “anything we wanted”.

And how did I respond to this fully-sanctioned invitation to completely let rip?

I sat down and wrote a play.

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