Friday 16 January 1987

…This evening I ate an apple and everybody complained about the noise
so I went upstairs…

I’ve long had an aversion to eating apples in enclosed public spaces, and I wonder if this is from where it hails.

I would never, for example, munch one on the Underground, or on a bus. I’m happy to do it while walking down a street, but I’d never dare do it sitting at my desk at work. Apples are extremely nourishing but also extremely anti-social. If the noise doesn’t irk the people around you, then the sight of tangy spittle dribbling all over your chin and hands most certainly will. Plus it makes you feel shabby and out-of-sorts. Best to keep this habit for when you’re alone, or when you’re alone in a crowd.

In other news, my primary school was still closed, snow still lay thick on the ground, and I’d got to spend my time watching daytime television. Hurrah!

One thought on “Friday 16 January 1987

  1. I seem to remember watching the Tom O’Connor Roadshow a lot in that week. But then it could have been most weeks as I used to have home dinners from 1985-87. That January of 1987 was a corker for snow and no mistake. It even closed all the schools in Cornwall.

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