Monday 19 January 1987

…Back to school after the five-day break, three of which being
taken up by the days we were off [because of the snow].
We played in the snow and wrote an accident report.
Had to make a snowflake and draw a snow crystal.
I didn’t go out during the lunch break and instead I stayed inside
with Edward and listened to a James Bond tape…

This was the tape I’d made of the album I’d had for Christmas. But I’d added a couple of tracks of my own.

One, rather egotistically, was a recording of me playing the James Bond theme on the piano.

The second was a rather more ambitious affair, involving – gasp – some production work.

I thought it’d be good to edit together all the bits in the theme songs where the name of the corresponding film was mentioned. Hence Matt Munro crooning “From Russia with love” was spliced next to Shirley Bassey bellowing “Goldfinger” followed immediately by Tom Jones booming “Thunderball” and so on.

How the hours, and they were hours, tedious and deeply frustrating hours spent pausing and rewinding and recording and pausing and rewinding, flew by. Don’t ask me what I did for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

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