Tuesday 20 January 1987

…At swimming we had to do eight circuits.
I only managed six.
In 20 minutes.
Oh well.
This meant I did one circuit in about every three minutes.
A circuit is about one-and-a-half lengths, or 75 metres.
Then we had to tread water in the middle of the pool
for about seven minutes.
It’s daylight robbery…

Not quite sure what I’m getting at here. Daylight robbery of my time? If so, things didn’t get any better later on back at school, when we spent an entire lesson apparently trying to draw an invention for catching pheasants. I couldn’t think of one so “I didn’t hand mine in”. Fair enough.

One thought on “Tuesday 20 January 1987

  1. I hated swim class. trying to dive down and pick a brick up from the bottom of the pool and not making it. and then the teacher trying to make you do it over and over, if I couldn’t do it the fist time what makes you think I can do it the eighth?

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