Tuesday 27 January 1987

…Didn’t go to school today because I was feeling ill.
I felt really guilty because I haven’t had a day away ill from school for about
three years.
Had to go and sit in Mum’s office this morning but this afternoon I just
lazed around listening to tapes and reading.
Watched some of Dr Kildare but it was horrible.
It was about someone who was trying to kill themselves.
…Watched Children’s BBC, some of the Holiday programe and then over to ITV for
It looked very good.
The Aston Martin made its debut in this film…

As you can see, I wasn’t extended any indulgences because of my condition, being sent upstairs to bed just before Bond make his nighttime visit to Goldfinger’s factory. Evidently it was fine for me to watch someone attempting to commit suicide, but ejector seats and laser beams and other fantastical fun were a STEP TOO FAR.

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