Saturday 31 January 1987

…This afternoon at 3pm I went to Edward’s to watch Goldfinger.
And I watched ALL of it.
I have now watched three proper James Bond films.
Afterwards we watched The A-Team.
They took me home at 7pm.
I missed Jim’ll Fix It and Hi-De-Hi by 10 minutes…

This was the very first time I’d seen The A-Team. I wasn’t allowed to watch it at home, my mum and dad tutting it was “too violent”. But loads of people talked about it at school, and I always thought I was missing out.

I wasn’t. What I saw today I remember as being a load of noisy, badly-acted, largely-meaningless rubbish. Hence my frustration at missing my usual Saturday night double bill on BBC1.

Much more rewarding, naturally, was Goldfinger. None of the three Bond films I had now seen all the way through had been watched at home. The first, A View to a Kill, was in the cinema in 1985 on the recommendation of Jimmy Greaves. The second, Diamonds are Forever, was at my grandparents’ in 1986. And the third was at a friend’s house.

It would only be a few months, however, before I got to enjoy a fourth.

Like listening to the Beatles without ear muffs

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