Monday 2 February 1987

Mum wants me to hurry up with today’s entry because she
wants to watch Rumpole of the Bailey at 9.00pm.
Today our class spent the whole day at Beaumanor Hall looking at boring wildlife.
We were taken there in parents’ cars and had to wait in a Field Centre room
for everybody to arrive.
The group I was in were last, of course.
We put our wellies on and got in a dinner van to go to Maplewell Wood.
Once we got there I knew it would be a disaster.
It had rained last night and everywhere was terribly muddy.
We didn’t see anything special or feel anything or touch anything special.
In fact it was dead boring.
I got bored, cold, hungry and tired and I thought of ending it all…

SPOILER: I didn’t.

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