Friday 6 February 1987

…It was Ronald Reagan’s birthday today.
And it was Jimmy Tarbuck’s birthday today.
And it was also MY BIRTHDAY today.
I got:
Some money
Two films for my camera
Two toy frogs
A James Bond songbook
A max/min thermometer
A conversion chart
Some drawing pins
and a little plastic container to put the drawings pins in…

I have to say this seems like a bit of a step down from last year’s haul, particularly the last two items. Utilities are not and never ought to be considered presents. Well, not presents with a capital P.

Later on I had to undergo the same ritual as last year (and for that matter every year at primary school): being summoned to the front during assembly, have to talk about a notable gift, then have a copyright-breaching version of Happy Birthday to You sung at me.

In my diary I mention how I “caught out” the teacher in charge of this farrago with some pre-prepared spiel. I’m hoping I served up a few doleful wisecracks about the drawing pins. Seeing as this was the very last time I’d have to undergo this ordeal, I’m sure I would’ve wanted to sign off in style.


I’ve now been writing this blog for exactly a year. I’ve still no idea how long I’m going to carry on. For the time being, I’m sticking with the prediction I made at the outset: that it will probably, like me, one day just suddenly stop.

However regular readers will have noticed the entries are beginning to get a bit more long-winded, gloomy and, dare I say it, confessional. These traits, not to most people’s tastes I’m sure, are about to become more pronounced with the onset of a bout of illness. As such I might give the blog a rest for a while. Nobody wants to read about someone’s self-pity, least of all a whiny 11-year-old. I’ll press on for now, but be warned: things are about to get a bit grim.

7 thoughts on “Friday 6 February 1987

  1. You absolutely cannot stop! I look forward to reading this website every day! It is this, and the Daily Mail website and wikipedia and the good old BBC website which get me through the working day. Seriously, please do not stop – this is fascinating!

  2. I’m flattered by your collective interest in my pre-adolescent antics. Looks like I’ll be the first to complain if and when things get too grisly. I’m not sure if that says more about me or you.

  3. The whole point of this is to reveal the rough with the smooth,the grim with the light hearted as long as it is not too gruesome and you are happy to let us read…look forward to these but thanks for the pre-warning… Did you have to feign excitement when opening the drawing pins?? 🙂

  4. Ian, like the others I would hope that you plough on as I have to say I have found your recollections-retellings both fascinating and nostalgic… ´´the real Adrian Mole´´ oh and Happy Birthday

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