Saturday 7 February 1987

…My ear ache has gone from bad to worse.
It has completely ruined my birthday.
Went to see the doctor this morning [for an emergency appointment].
When we went in the doctor said straight away:
“It’s not exactly a Saturday morning emergency is it?”
“Well, I didn’t know if it was infected or not, did I,” Mum snapped back.
The doctor replied that it was NOT a Saturday morning emergency and to
carry on taking the ear drops which I have been for the last three days.
Basically, the doctor didn’t say anything useful.
So we just walked out.
Mum was nearly crying as we were driving home.
I wish I could somehow get that doctor.
When Mum was feeling better she went out and bought me a comic.
Later I put up my new thermometer on the fence in the garden, but
I dropped it and broke one of the parts.
I hate everything.
Nothing ever goes right for me…

A measure of how this experience affected me is the fact I quote verbatim from the appointment at the surgery.

I hardly ever did that in my early diaries.

My ear infection seemed like the biggest thing in the world at the time. As you can see, I found it hard to put it into a proper perspective. But then I literally couldn’t put life into proper perspective, seeing as my voice was resonating almost entirely inside my own head.

The next few days are a bit bleak, so I’ll pick up the blog again once the self-pity and the waterworks have subsided.

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