Friday 13 February 1987

My ear has still not got better.
But I did manage to swallow two of my tablets.
The other one was at breakfast when I had to chew it.
It was Class 2’s assembly today, all about saying “thank you”.
Most of the time you couldn’t hear them properly but if they had only
spoken louder it would have PROBABLY been a bit better…

Nitpicking even then. Tsk.

Later in the day my diary mentions that our class watched an episode of Middle English called The Juice Job. I’ve a faint memory of Michael Rosen rhyming and rapping about some sort of domestic difficulty. But this could equally apply to *any* episode of Middle English.

Trouble's a-Rosen

One thought on “Friday 13 February 1987

  1. Someone should take him and that Roger McGough (I think that is how you spell it) — actually, it’s probably too late now but someone should have taken him and Roger McGough aside and tell them “Children do not like poetry. Give it up”

    Actually, someone should still tell that to Roger as he is STILL out there – he’s on Radio Four now, haranguing people about poetry, and actually the only problem I now have with poetry is him!

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