Thursday 5 March 1987

…With regards to yesterday’s list:
1. After a strenuous time of moving rocks and using a gardening implement called
a rake [I’m being facetious] we soon had everything tidy again.
Then the rain soaked everything this afternoon, but it didn’t matter, it didn’t get so muddy as yesterday.
2. How could a medical ever be right at 10am? I was dragged screaming into the room. She checked height, weight, hearing – I told her about my ears – sight, speech, hands, hair, feet, and shoulders.
Yes, I had to take all my clothes off except my underwear.
3. Games was as usual boring. In the rain. Cold. But at least it’s over.
4. After all my word training, there weren’t any words in my theory exam at all. I think I did it all right.
After the exam I had to stand out in the rain for about 15 minutes waiting for mum to arrive…

I’m not entirely sure what I mean when I refer to “word training”. It was a music exam, so perhaps it was to do with supplying the meaning of terms like allegro and rallentando. Anyway, it didn’t matter because whatever it was didn’t turn up in the exam paper*.

I’ve asked this before, but do school medicals still require you to parade near-naked in front of a stranger in a deserted room? Not that anybody reading this is likely (or indeed ought) to know.

Having survived this traumatic day, I celebrating along with Anneka Rice when she successfully completed tonight’s Treasure Hunt in Wiltshire. Look, there was even a Bonus Clue!

*Surely one of the nicest experiences life can ever deliver.

2 thoughts on “Thursday 5 March 1987

  1. School medicals bring back some unwanted memories! Being prodded and probed in unmentionable places whilst dressed only in inderwear will live with me forever.

    Luckily, they are not conducted in that way anymore, if atall in most schools, I beleive.

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