Thursday 12 March 1987

…This morning Chris Balderstone and Laurie Potter turned up to
give a talk on cricket and to show people how to play properly.
They asked questions and if you got one right they gave you a prize.
I managed to answer one right and got a 1983 Guide to the Prudential Cup.
One girl got a book priced £1.95 for answering her question right!
Afterwards they gave out scoresheets for a 1985 match and a picture of the
team, and how to join the team, and signed autographs.
After break we had a quiz on what we had learned.

I’ve had to look up who these two people were. Both were professional cricketers for Leicestershire, although I think only Potter was still playing for the team in 1987.

What were they doing coming to our school? I haven’t a clue. Perhaps the local education authority had launched another new initiative.

But evidently it had yet to be finessed; witness the handing out of scoresheets from a match of two years previously, and worse, the awarding of a “prize” that covered a competition almost half a decade ago. Obviously they thought we’d lap up any old tat, being no old enough to know better.

The Prudential Cup was actually the World Cup. Now why didn’t they say so? Not that I would have shown it any more respect, still having to reach the age of starting to hoard stuff simply because it was old.

A book “priced £1.95”! It was as if a yuppie had moved into our town.

One thought on “Thursday 12 March 1987

  1. I had a similar sort of thing happen at my school. Barry Sheen the motor cycle champion came to the school and rode his bike around for a bit and talked about road safety.

    I did however enjoy when Trevor Brooking came to give us a talk on some subject I don’t remember.

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