Friday 13 March 1987

…Next Tuesday is the Budget.
I think I’m going to do a report about it, by recording the news and then
playing it over and over again so I can put it into my own words.
I might even put my own words into the recording…

“Among his announcements, Mr Lawson said that the price of [SMASH HITS] would be reduced by two pence from midnight tonight, while the price of a packet of [PANINI STICKERS] would rise by five pence.

“The chancellor had bad news for [COWS]. The cost of filling up [A MILK BOTTLE] is to go up by 15 pence at midnight.

“There are no plans to alter the amount of [DISGUSTING CHEESE AND TOMATO PIE SERVED IN SCHOOL DINNERS] within England and Wales.

“Mr Lawson also confirmed that the tax on [UNSIGHTLY WASHING LINES IN YOUR NEIGHBOURS’ GARDEN] would rise by 10% from 1 April.”

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