Saturday 14 March 1987

…Muppet Babies has been replaced with Dogtanian!
So now my television schedule for the start of the day looks like this:
8.30 The Hunter
8.35 Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds
9.00 Saturday Superstore
to 12.15pm…

SCHEDULING FACT! Dogtanian should have started the previous Saturday, but suffered a first-ever-episode-of-Doctor Who-esque postponement because of bad news.

My television viewing later in the day would have included the News with Jan Leeming and Jim’ll Fix It, then either the Little and Large Show or Bob’s Full House depending on when we were eating tea. I would probably have hung around for One by One as well, but only because I remembered it as a comic strip in Beeb magazine.

What is a "zoo vet" anyway?

4 thoughts on “Saturday 14 March 1987

  1. Think this might have been the day that Jan Leeming was mugged in TV Cemtre, actually. I don’t want to spoil future entries, mind, I’m sure that would be the kind of thing you’d fervently note down.

    • My diary makes no reference to the mugging of Leeming. Back then I was very selective and inconsistent about documenting TV-related stuff. Jan’s misfortune, like the nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl, just didn’t make the cut.

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