Wednesday 18 March 1987

…At school we started off, and you won’t believe this, by doing
the Four Rules of Maths.
The four rules being: 1, avoid if not 2, copy if not 3, use answer book if not 4,
say you are ill and go home.
You know what they are: + – x and \.
In PE we went mad.
We wouldn’t keep quiet and were messing around, so in the end we
ended up doing nothing.
For lunch we had beef, potatoes, mixed veg and gravy followed by a
nice ginger biscuit.
Later we had the chaos of spending another of those afternoons where
classes 3 and 4 joined together and we all did assorted things.
It was Group F’s turn – my group – to do CDT: craft, design and technology.
We had to build a model of Blackpool Tower with straws and pins and then
put a light on the top and make it light up.
I was with two people from class 3, one of whom kept messing around with
a buzzer and the other who stuck pins everywhere.
I have discovered Dr No is on on Sunday.
Operation 007 is on again!…

The operation in question was the cajoling of my long-suffering friend Edward to video the film, followed by more cajoling over when I’d be able to go round and watch it. Yes, I was possibly just a tiny bit obsessed. But I really had no other options, given the continued absence of a video recorder within our house, plus the continued absence of sympathetic, pro-Bond sentiments within my mum and dad.

I’d stared at the record sleeve for long enough. Now I needed to see some real 007.

"...and you've had your six."

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