Friday 20 March 1987

…Mrs Kirkham [the headmistress] has been really horrible today.
She is a TWIT.
She never realises that class 4 have privileges.
She thinks we are all a bunch of noisy brats who don’t want to do any work
and want to do lots of sport.
I want to do work, have our privileges back, and not to have PE.
In Art we had to make traffic lights with bits of coloured paper…

I’m not sure what these “privileges” were; maybe getting to listen to tapes at dinnertime. The sad reality was most of my class were noisy brats who didn’t want to do any work. My headmistress was right. Not for the last time I was imagining my minority view was that of the majority. I should have just shut up and got on with cutting up my coloured paper.

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