Saturday 4 April 1987

…Today I bought a book priced £14.95 about Doctor Who.
It’s called The Doctor Who File and contains all those facts that you never
even knew about.
But that was after Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds and
Saturday Superstore, whose special guest was Prince Edward to announce
the winner of the Superstore Superstar competition.
And the winner was a jazz band who were brilliant, great and
other wonderful things.
The Grand National today.
I don’t know exactly who won it but I heard something about the winner being a
17-1 outsider?!!!
Dad was meant to have some manure delivered today but it never arrived…

£14.95 feels like an awful lot today, let alone 25 years ago. Perhaps I had some birthday money left over.

You must remember, though, that back then Peter Haining’s book and others like it were pretty much the only way of finding out about Doctor Who’s history or discovering wildly important pieces of information like production codes and lists of every available Target novelisation. In fact by 1987 it was probably spin-offs like these that kept the show both in production and in the black, albeit not out of the doldrums.

I still have The Doctor Who File, but I haven’t flicked through its desperately glossy pages for over two decades. Which is about the same length of time since I watched an episode of 1980s-era Doctor Who out of choice rather than duty.

As for the band who were “brilliant, great and other wonderful things”, they were the still-brilliant Juvenile Jazz, seen here setting old Wogan’s early evening joint a-jumping. Not too sure about the clarinettist’s blatant mugging to camera, mind:

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