Tuesday 7 April 1987

…My Central Electricity Generating Board stuff came today.
Remember the ferry disaster?
Well today the ferry was lifted from its side and turned upright.
It took 18 and a half hours!
Luckily the sea was calm and there was no wind so everything went all right.
People were messing about when they should have been doing their
projects, so they didn’t get to go swimming.
But swimming was actually great today because we had the inflatables out.
Great fun…

I’m still stumped by the CEGB stuff. I haven’t found any other mention of it in the diary. I can’t remember anything about it. Was I indulging in some kind of obsession with the National Grid so shameful I sought to hide it even from myself? Or was I just interested in a few maps and diagrams in some colourful leaflets?

Anyway, thank goodness I didn’t imply any sort of link between my fun with the inflatables and the raising of the Herald of Free Enterprise.

Or did I?

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