Tuesday 14 April 1987

…Watched Carry on Laughing and a strange comedy called Late Expectations…

I have no memory of Late Expectations whatsoever.

In the Radio Times Guide to TV Comedy, Mark Lewisohn notes that this BBC sitcom involved Keith Barron returning home from a “holiday of a lifetime”, presumably the one he’d just had on ITV with Gwen Taylor. Except he is now married to the woman from the Fairy Liquid adverts, who, at the age of 43, is “shocked” to find herself pregnant.

This crepe paper-thin premise was somehow threaded through six episodes, of which today’s was the second. A plot twist of note, apparently, was the revelation that Mrs Barron is not just pregnant, but pregnant… WITH TWINS.

Happily, Late Expectations did not return for a second series. Unhappily, Keith was soon back on screens in the drama series Take Me Home, every episode of which seemed to involve him driving along a darkened road hissing “Sometimes I just… I just want to… to take my hands… off… THE WHEEL…”

At least Carry on Laughing ensured my evening did not pass off titter-free.

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