Monday 20 April 1987 (Easter Monday)

…Went to the post office to post a letter.
Mum said that if the shop was open, we could buy a lolly – and it was!
Ever wondered what I have for lunch on days like these?
It is as follows: a roll with butter in, some cucumber slices, coleslaw, a water biscuit,
some cold meat, and a United chocolate biscuit.
After lunch from 2.10 until 4.40 I watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
Long. Very long.
Later we went and counted traffic on the motorway.
In five minutes I counted 330 going south and 203 going north.
Best of all, I watched 45 minutes of From Russia With Love…

A spot of correspondence, a United biscuit, an audit of the M1 and three-quarters-of-an-hour of 007. Sounds to me nigh on the perfect bank holiday*.

From this angle, things are shaping up nicely
*Take or leave two-and-a-half hours of Captain Kirk *baldly* going (do you see?) on the interstellar equivalent of a bank holiday drive in the country.

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