Tuesday 21 April 1987

…Went to the cinema to watch Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home.
All I can say is that it was funnier than the other three films…

I remember laughing loud and long at the “colourful metaphor” scenes. The phrase entered my vocabulary for a while. How my schoolmates wept with hilarity* whenever I suggested that “perhaps now is the time for a colourful metaphor” or when I warned that “you better not let the teacher hear you using that colourful metaphor”.

I also remember enjoying the scene on the bus where Spock kills a punk rocker for playing his music too loud, after which all the other passengers applaud politely.

Whenever I’ve happened to see the film again I’m reminded that it makes no sense whatsoever. By flying around the sun you can go back in time? Wouldn’t robbing two whales from the 20th century and tossing them into the sea several hundreds of years later cause immense disruption to both ecosystems? And as for the bit where Kirk sells his spectacles for a quick bit of cash, then reassures Spock that he’ll get them again because they were given to him in the future… Dear oh dear.

It’s enough to make you reach for a colourful metaphor.

*They did not.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday 21 April 1987

  1. Am I remembering correctly – did the British posters for this film have it as “THE VOYAGE HOME” in big letters with the Star Trek connection very much downplayed?

    I recall that Spock scene on the bus whenever I encounter teenage girls (sorry to stereotype, but it is always teenage girls) blasting tinny music from a mobile phone on public transport. If I used a neck pinch on them, I would be the one to get arrested – how is that fair?

  2. Interesting that you saw The Voyage Home and The Slow Motion Picture within 24 hours of one another. It’s like the Gods were trying to make sure that the hideous tedium of the first film didn’t put you off Star Trek for life.

    Robert, you’re right: the film was marketed to Europe as a sci-fi comedy, rather than the fourth Trek film. They also edited together a little recap of II and III for the start of the film, to bring us up to speed with why the Enterprise crew were on Vulcan with an amnesiac Spock and a Bird of Prey. It also gave them the chance to show off the CGI “Genesis” video AGAIN. I’m not sure whether to feel patronised or appreciative.

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