Saturday 25 April 1987

…Now that Saturday Superstore has finished, there’s this really useless
programme that is on instead.
It’s called It’s Wicked.
It isn’t: it’s rubbish, it’s stupid and it’s maddening.
I switched it off…

And I never watched it again. It’s Wicked was absolutely appalling and I hated it. Even at the age of 11 I could tell it wasn’t just a terrible format with terrible presenters, but that it was also a lousy production that hadn’t been properly thought through and which made for thunderously alienating and uninspiring entertainment.

Thankfully it lasted one series and never came back. And doubly thankfully, Going Live would take its place in the autumn.

Here’s a particularly ghastly clip, during which it is revealed that kids are in charge of today’s programme (goodness my sides have split), thereby ensuring that which had previously been thought impossible – the show could get any worse – duly comes to pass.

Elsewhere in today’s entry I did note some more positive TV-related news, which was that I had been told I’d be allowed to stay up until 10.20pm tomorrow night to watch something.

Before you get too carried away in your speculation (Spitting Image! A saucy drama! Heart of the Matter with Joan Bakewell!), the programme in question was a repeat of the family-friendly – though dazzlingly brilliant – ‘Party Games’ episode of Yes, Minister.

2 thoughts on “Saturday 25 April 1987

  1. You can just hear the moustachioed man at TV Centre asking his assistant, “What words are the children saying these days to mean ‘good’?” Listen closely to that theme tune and you can hear the word “crucial” turn up as well.

    I was 10 at the time, and my brother was 8, and we still thought it was a horribly lame and out of touch attempt to curry kids’ favour. Much like “Get Fresh” on ITV (which we never watched because, you know: ITV).

  2. We too switched off It’s Wicked during its first show, I think we lasted about 25 minutes, and so bad was it that we finally did the previously unthinkable and defected to ITV, and watched Get Fresh for the rest of summer, which was doing everything It’s Wicked wanted to do with substantially more wit and professionalism. In fact we liked Get Fresh so much – not just because Gaz Top came from quite near to where we lived – that the next year we even recorded it while watching On The Waterfront. I say “we”, I was the only one who was that bothered.

    In fact It’s Wicked seemed terribly ITV to me because it was so noisy and disorganised, whereas in previous summers we’d had the cosy presentation of Mark Curry on The Saturday Picture Show (and I really liked Mark Curry for some reason).

    That clip comes from one of the last episodes, specifically the one at the start of September which only latest an hour or so because of the cricket (a grand tradition for summer Saturday morning telly), and you see they’ve already dumped all the gimmickry from the beginning of the run, like the people “watching” the show in a fake living room, and the outside broadcasts. They kept the bloody awful titles, though. The only interesting thing about it is Caroiyn Marshall having the biggest hair in the world.

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