Thursday 30 April 1987

…My illness is now so bad that I had the afternoon off school.
Mum and I went to the doctor’s surgery but luckily we didn’t see the horrible one.
Instead it was Dr Matthews, who told us that I had a chest infection and would
need to have some antibiotics.
But after this, because I was off school, I had to go with Mum to Sainsbury’s while
she did the shopping.
I sat in the car and felt poorly.
Suddenly two fire engines, one police car and one police van arrived on the
scene because a fire had started in one of the Sainsbury’s kitchens.
However it was all under control when they arrived.
After taking Granny and Grandad’s shopping round, I finally got home and
was able to spend the rest of the afternoon watching TV…

1987 was turning into something of a sickly year.

Curiously, but not coincidentally, I’ve suffered nasty bouts of ill-health at eight-yearly intervals ever since, falling prey to one thing or another in 1995, 2003 and 2011.

Note to self: stock up Tupperware box of medicines in December 2018.

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