Saturday 2 May 1987

…My suffering has got worse.
My right ear has gone deaf and is making funny noises,
like it was three months ago.
I tried to watch some TV, but I did NOT watch It’s Wicked,
that stupid programme that has replaced Saturday Superstore.
I did, however, watch a Dr Who film afterwards…

I wonder which one it was. Seeing as how this would have been only the second edition of the execrable It’s Wicked, presumably it was the second of the two Who films, i.e. the one which ends with Dr Who’s granddaughter running off with David Cameron*.

It’s a shame there wasn’t a third, as Peter Cushing was and always will be the definitive “grandpa Who”. For a start, unlike William Hartnell, he could remember his lines. Unlike William Hartnell, he could act. And unlike William Hartnell, he didn’t need three weeks off to cope with the strain of shooting 10 minutes of location footage.

Sadly a big screen Who trilogy wasn’t to be, as the second film flopped**. A pity, though it did free up Cribbins for Jackanory.

This is what we want

*This is true. Read the novelisation of The Dalek Invasion of Earth. That’s his name.

**Why doesn’t the voiceover man in this trailer ever mention the word “Daleks”? An army of bloodless, fleshless metal monsters doesn’t command quite the same menace (though I’ll concede the idea of Ray Brooks being “the boy with the knack” is unsettling enough).

2 thoughts on “Saturday 2 May 1987

  1. Sorry to spoil this entry, but it was actually the first film. The second was the following Saturday.

  2. The London Movie Museum at County Hall has got a couple of daleks from this movie on display. Was there last week, as a father told his kid to not bother looking at them as “they’re not the real ones”

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