Thursday 7 May 1987

…At the moment I am listening to an Election Special on Radio Leicester,
because today is local elections day.
Everyone knows that the results of today will decide whether Mrs Thatcher
calls a general election next month or next year.
But enough about that.
Everybody at our school, not just me, had the day off because it was being
used as a polling station.
So I had another day to recover.
But when I went to see the doctor this morning, he said my chest infection had

Don’t worry, I shut up about my ears within the next few days. I think I got tired with being so angry at having to write about how they were no better.

Plus there were other obsessions to cultivate instead, like the general election – something that I knew even then to be not the sort of thing likely to win friends at school, and therefore something about which I ought to remain very tight-lipped.

You wouldn’t have local elections and a general election held on different dates nowadays. It would be considered “too much” – as if there’s such a thing as “too much” democracy.

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