Friday 15 May 1987

…This morning we had our trip to the Great Central Railway.
Everybody was behaving a bit stupidly and I must admit I did too.
I don’t know whether I went a bit mad or something, but at one point when
[Our teacher] asked if we were all having fun I shouted out “NO” in a comedy voice.
When we got back to school he went beserk.
He was shouting at people, splitting them up and moving them around the room.
Luckily the Woodbrook children had to go off to Cobden school for another talk,
so I missed most of it…

Something was definitely up with my teacher – and had been for some time.

Admittedly this was his first proper job after qualifying, and he was only in his early 20s. But if this was how he was starting to behave after just one year’s experience, heaven knows what he’d be like after five or 10.

Luckily I wouldn’t be around to find out. Woodbrook was the name of the secondary school that I’d be starting in the autumn. Cobden was the location for a series of “getting to know you” sessions run by Woodbrook teachers to which all the prospective intake were invited.

“Big school” was sidling rather menacingly into view. I had more things to be bothered about than observing the correct etiquette while on a heritage railway.

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