Friday 29 May 1987

…An Australian teacher was at school today.
He had come over to see how the best English schools operate.
If that was the case, why did he come to ours?
We had to write about what we thought of when we mentioned the word “Loughborough”.
This was easy: I live there.
I have started a map of all the parliamentary constituencies.
Of course it has already gone terribly wrong…

Give me the child until he is seven 11 and I will show you the man.

One thought on “Friday 29 May 1987

  1. I was always stealing school exercise books, the ones used for maths, with the grids in them and trying to make my own A to Zs but I could NEVER, EVER, EVER (I am really shouting now) get to grips with it, for some reason I was never really able to carry a map over onto the other side of the page. It caused many, many tears.

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