Thursday 4 June 1987

…An opinion poll today showed that Labour were catching up on the Tories with
the Alliance increasing slightly.
The whole of this morning at school was taken up with a pretend murder mystery.
Five people from my class had to go off and decide which one of them was the
murderer and who were the suspects truthfully.
They had to decide the story and the plot – and I was one of them.
The rest of the class were divided into groups and they had to work out who was
the murderer by asking questions.
None of them got it.
But it wasn’t me.

The bulk of lessons during my last month at primary school seem to have deviated almost completely from the usual fare of SMP, comprehension and silent reading. This week had already seen a trip to some dressed wells, a couple of hours spent building a model crane, and a “singing relay” in assembly. Now here I am, spending an entire morning playing whodunnit.

Either my wayward teacher had given up and gone for the “Free swim! Free swim!” option, or we were the control class in one of Kenneth Baker’s proto-national curriculum experiments.

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