Friday 19 June 1987

…Just 10 more days left at primary school.
I have been at school for seven years, 20 terms, six summer holidays and
10 school trips.
There have been three headteachers, I have had 14 different teachers, some of
them temporary ones, and have been in four classes – although it would have
been five had some teachers not left.
I have also been in trouble four times, as in having to see the headteacher,
which I think is fairly low…

I’ve been trying to remember what these were. I’ve got as far as:

1) Ripping up a piece of plain paper and sprinkling the little bits on the head of the person standing in front of me during a school choir rehearsal.

2) Using a staple gun to implant a staple into the top of a wooden desk belonging to a teacher.

3) Something to do with the school fish tank.

4) Swinging from the climbing frame in the playground after having been told not to.

All of these happened when I was younger, well before any of the entries featured in this blog – indeed, well before I started keeping a diary.

I’ve a particularly grim memory of 4), because I was physically lifted off the climbing frame by the headteacher and carried, kicking and crying, into his office.

You could argue that it taught me a lesson, for I never again had to go and see him or any other headteacher throughout the entire rest of my life at school.

However it was far from pleasant at the time. I’ll never forget the school secretary giving me a tissue to wipe away my tears.

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