Wednesday 22 July 1987

…I have arranged for Eddie to come round on Friday afternoon so we can
go and see The Living Daylights together at the cinema.
I made Mum drive me past the cinema so I could be sure what times it was on…

We’d only got back from Devon the previous day, but evidently I wasn’t going to waste any time in organising what for me would be one of the real highlights of the summer.

I think the film must have been out for a good couple of weeks or so. I remember reading about it in the newspaper while we were away, and being hopelessly envious of what I presumed to be every other person in the entire country who’d already seen it.

Like around 97% of what I wrote in my diaries of 25 years ago, this all seems laughable now. But I was really quite anxious, insufferably so, that I would miss the chance to watch The Living Daylights in the cinema, and hence not get to see it for A FURTHER FIVE YEARS until it had its TV premiere.

I was also gripped with impatience, fuelled by a sense that I hadn’t paid enough attention to the Bond franchise two years earlier, when the previous film had been on general release.

Back then I’d only decided to go and see A View to a Kill on the recommendation, as I’ve mentioned here before, of Jimmy Greaves on TV-am.

Yes, had it not been for Greavsie, I might never have fallen in love with 007. Well, I probably would have done eventually, just not in time to see a gurning Grace Jones towering 30ft high on the big screen: a grisly experience at any age, but positively bonechilling to a naive nine-year-old.

A quarter of a century later, I can see The Living Daylights whenever I choose. I don’t want to, because unlike 25 years ago I don’t think it’s the best thing ever. It’s not even the best Bond film of The Greavsie TV-am Years. But I didn’t know any of this in 1987. All I knew is that I had to see the film before it, and the summer, left town.

"Salt corrosion! Atmospheric anomoly!"

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 22 July 1987

  1. I got into Bond one year later, meaning I missed The Living Daylights at the flicks. It also mean that when Licence to Kill came out I was too young to see it and its 15 certificate. I hankered after it in our local shop/video rental place, until I finally bought it on video – the fourth Bond movie I ever got (after On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Goldfinger and A View To A Kill). I didn’t actually see a Bond film on its cinema release until GoldenEye. Not that I’m bitter.

  2. I went to see this at the Odeon in Richmond soon after I’d first moved to London. Like you, I had to see it. I was a fan, but not a huge one, however when the new James Bond comes out you have to go, don’t you? I didn’t think much of it I have to say.

    When the next one came out in ’89 my flatmate got tickets to the premiere through work. But I don’t remember a single thing about that night except thinking what a poor theme song it had.

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