Wednesday 29 July 1987

…This morning I went out on my bike at 8.00am for a ride through the rain and
the huge puddles.
It’s the best time to go out because there’s absolutely no-one about.
Not even the cat from down the road.
People seem to be so lazy during the summer, waking up at 9am each morning
instead of 6.15am like me…

I seem to have fundamentally misunderstood the notion of a summer holiday – perhaps deliberately so. There’s an adolescent-hued streak of contrariness creeping in here, though whereas most would display this by staying in bed as long as possible, I did it by getting out of bed as early as possible.

But there was logic to this. There was television to watch, which I didn’t have time to do during term time. Plus there is (still) something appealing about riding a bike a) very early in the morning and b) in the rain. I did it just the other week, in fact, though only because I’d got up at 5.45am to see the Olympic torch relay and had some time to kill before going into work.

Yes, I know. And yes, I can hear you shaking your heads.

One thought on “Wednesday 29 July 1987

  1. I always used to get up far too early, especially at weekends, I remember one Sunday getting up at about 5.30am just for the hell of it. I love the comment about having the time to watch television because on the first day of the summer holidays when I was twelve I decided that since I now had a bit more time on my hands I would start watching breakfast television, and opted for The Channel Four Daily, but I remember after an hour that would get terribly repetitive so I’d flip over to BBC1. I stuck with the Daily once I went back to school, getting out of bed after I’d watched Early Bird and Box Office, so if I was up in time for the 6.45 Box Office my morning eblutions would be less frantic as I then wouldn’t have to watch it at 7.45.

    Despite getting up stupidly early, though – even while I was in the sixth form I was still getting up at 7am every day, until I decided The Big Breakfast really wasn’t what it used to be – I mostly spent those early hours reading comics or watching telly (after we moved house in 1987 and I got a telly in my bedroom) and I remember one morning Russell Prince turning up to play at about 8am when I was still in my pyjamas and I was hopping mad he arrived without notice and caught me looking undignified. Before I’d put on my bobbly blue tracksuit and bright orange trainers, of course.

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