Thursday 13 August 1987

…I had to push Granny’s trolley round Sainsbury’s because
she had a pain in her shoulder…

Our family always went shopping on Thursday. My mum, who’d yet to return to full-time employment, would head off to Sainsbury’s around 10am, stopping along the way to pick up her own mother, who lived on the other side of town.

During term time the two of them would do the shopping by themselves, and it would take most of the morning. But during the school holidays my sister and I would have to come along as well. The thinking was this would speed up the whole process. The reality was it made things take even longer, because we would be distracted, would play with the trolleys, wouldn’t know where things were in the aisles, and would linger in front of Sainsbury’s primitive in-store bakery counter unable to decide whether to choose a doughnut or an iced bun as a treat.

Why don’t they have the metal turnstiles in front of supermarkets anymore?

Good food costed less

2 thoughts on “Thursday 13 August 1987

  1. Funnily enough, my parents also went shopping on a Thursday, also took our grandmother, also went to Sainsburys and also took us with them during the school holidays. It would often be a complete family occasion too as my dad worked shifts so he’d often be around in the day as well. My grandmother would then come back to our house for the rest of the day – that was “our” day with her – annexing our fridge and freezer for the shopping, before my dad took her back home at ten o’clock, so she could be back home for Families, the daytime soap everywhere else that Granada inexplicably only showed in omnibus form at 10.40.

    That was only after Sainsburys opened in Wrexham in 1991, before that it was Asda on a Wednesday. In the eighties my grandfather was still alive and drove (an M-reg Mini Clubman, fact fans) and they used to go shopping at Leo’s, although I’m not sure why as it was absolutely miles away from their house. When my grandfather was ill and alternative transport was required, or we just fancied the ride, we went as well, and I used to like Leo’s because it had crisps in big plastic tubes and reminded me a bit of Saturday Superstore. The Asda we used to go to was demolished about a decade ago, and it always seemed massive when we used to go as kids but I think you could probably fit about ten of them in the Tesco I go to now. But then this was a time when we used to love going to the Co-Op in Wrexham as it was the only shop in the town with an escalator.

  2. Theres something about going to the supermarket with Mum, that is universal. I remember going of to Leos each week with my mother and buying all the food, and wondering why I couldn’t have all the good stuff?
    Think I might have to use this “Theme” for a blog entry on my own site.

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