Friday 21 August 1987

…Phillip Schofield has left Children’s BBC.
And they have decided to screen Dr Who at the same time as Coronation Street.

I was quite distraught about Schofield getting “sacked”, as Michael Grade implied during his cameo appearance between this afternoon’s programmes.

I was right to fear that Children’s BBC, or at least the Broom Cupboard, would never be as good again. There’d be a nice surprise awaiting me in a few weeks’ time when Going Live began. But I never warmed to Andy Crane, and I was right to be suspicious, given his subsequent defection to ITV.

There is more than a little mock outrage here at the BBC’s scheduling of Doctor Who. I hadn’t enjoyed the previous series, the grotesque 14-part ‘Trial of a Time Lord’. I was intrigued to see what the new series would be like, but would tune in more out of duty than love. And I was sufficiently detached from the programme to not mind having to watch it on the black-and-white set in the dining room, while my parents watched Coronation Street in colour in the lounge.

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