Friday 28 August 1987

…The car went in for its MOT.
Well of course, money will have to be paid out, it’s a fact of human nature.
Mum took it in this morning then came back here on a Trippit.
The phone rang three times in succession while she was out – turned out to be the
garage wondering where she was.
She bought me a Whizzer and Chips Monthly and also a magazine about the
World Athletics Championships which start tomorrow.
Watched a film called The Fiendish Plot of Dr Fu Manchu starring Peter Sellers
while having a snackette…

“Snackette”? I don’t think the 11-year-old me was consciously using palare… or maybe I was?

A Trippit, however, was not gay slang, but the name of the first bus service to run in Loughborough after deregulation.

This inappropriately-cute title adorned a fleet of glorified minibuses that served half a dozen key routes in and out of the town centre. Another “novelty” was the ability to hail a Trippit anywhere you liked along a designated stretch of road, and not just at a bus stop. This particular feature did not survive for very long – almost as long as the Trippits themselves, who were, inevitably, soon taken over by a larger company, who themselves were then taken over by a larger company, and so on and on until the present arrangement, with most of Loughborough’s buses now owned quite possibly by Angela Merkel.

Still, at least they’re back in the public sector. Shame it’s not the UK’s.

2 thoughts on “Friday 28 August 1987

  1. The Wrexham equivalent of the Trippit was the Crosville Little Dragon, also a minibus, which we used to get to town when my dad was in work, my mum not learning to drive until 1990. I used to enjoy sitting in the single seat right at the front because it felt terribly grown up sitting on my own. Crosville had all of North Wales’ buses sewn up and further along the coast they also ran the Happy Dragon, an open-top bus. The Crosville (always “the Crosville”, never just Crosville) was taken over by Arriva a while back but the Little Dragon route was seemingly not important enough so buses to my parents’ house are now run by the snappily titled Jones of Rhosllanerchrugog in the week, and at the weekend the pleasingly homely Pat’s Coaches. I saw a Pat’s Coaches coach in Cleethorpes a few years back, I have no idea why.

  2. Luton’s version was the Hoppanstopper. It was the first town to be deregulated – the town was so Thatcherite in those days they practically burnt the bus station to the ground as a sacrifice to the free market.

    “Snackette”? *purses lips in Les Dawson fashion*

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