Friday 4 September 1987

…The third day at secondary school and my first PE lesson.
It was outside and we were doing football, which as always was
utterly, utterly, utterly, utterly boring.
Worse, after that we had to have showers – YUK.
In French we learned the basic numbers.
They really are written down in a VERY strange way.
Well, they are written down in French – what do you expect?
I could just about afford to have one fish finger, some chips, a banana and some
milk for my lunch…

Two watershed moments today: the first time I’d ever worn proper football boots, and the first time I’d counted up to 10 in a foreign language.

Neither had been expected of me at primary school, which I regret as far as the latter is concerned. The same can’t be said for the former, but that was more a matter of convention: nobody had been allowed to wear anything bearing studs.

Now I was at secondary school where everything was suddenly noisier, dirtier, less comprehensible and more competitive.

Four things that also applied to the business of taking showers.


One thought on “Friday 4 September 1987

  1. showers after PE always sucked, thirty kids not wanting to get wet or naked in front of each other. Or the PE teacher taking paying too much attention than he should to a bunch on kids taking a shower.

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