Monday 21 September 1987

…I had hoped that PE would be cancelled today because they were repainting
all the lines in the gym, but we just did it outside instead.
They don’t give up easily.
I am helping to clean up one of the school ponds…

Here I am, establishing a role in life for being the “oh, just give it to him, he’ll enjoy doing it” person.

Call it glutton for punishment, call it being easy to please, this position was one that clung to me, or perhaps one to which I clung, throughout most of my remaining years at school.

Granted, spending my lunchtimes fishing dead leaves, weeds and indeed fish out of a pit of putrid water didn’t really outrank standing on the side of the playing fields watching everyone else kicking and petting each other. But at least it was constructive time-filling. At least, that was I told myself back then – not least to help fill the time.

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