Tuesday 22 September 1987

…This day in 1955 must have been exciting to people with TVs because having
advertisements in programmes was just about to start.
Now we all get terribly bored with The Man From Del Monte who keeps on saying
“Yes!” and cat foods and dog foods and pet foods and soon no doubt cow foods…

In other words, today was the anniversary of the birth of ITV: something I would take a bit more seriously many years later, but which for now was just an excuse for some clumsy social commentary on the commercialisation of popular culture. Well, a joke about Del Monte.

But I was right, adverts were more exciting in 1955. What’s not to like about this graph?

And that's the tooth

And that’s the tooth.

One thought on “Tuesday 22 September 1987

  1. When I was very, very small and playing in front of the telly — whenever the Del Monste adverts came on I would put down whatever I was playing with and pay very close attention to the screen because I already worried whether or not he really would say “Yes!”

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