Wednesday 23 September 1987

…In RE we had to draw a picture of what we thought God looked like.
Mine was really something.
Something useless, that is…

This judgement was not an admission of humility in the face of some kind of spiritual epiphany, but rather an admission of being crap at drawing.

Thankfully no trace of this ecclesiastical nonsense exists, but I’ll bet it involved:
a) a long white beard
b) a long white cloak
c) lots and lots of Simpsons-esque clouds

If I’d known better, I should have just submitted a piece of blank paper.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 23 September 1987

    • Our class boasted at least three of the world’s biggest religions (plus a Jehovah’s Witness) so I suspect nobody would’ve raised an eyebrow. Well, Mohammed might have prompted a letter home.

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