Friday 2 October 1987

…A policeman called PC Whatever came to talk to us about road safety.
Yes, it’s all very useful and is a good idea to have them come into schools to
teach people.
But I have seen this kind of thing about SIX TIMES already.
The school readathon began today.
This is a sponsored event.
You have to go round and round asking the same people every year for money
and the whole thing is just so terribly tired.
The idea behind this readathon is to see how many books you can read in a week.
I put down three as an estimation…

This seems a very modest sum, and probably reflected my disillusionment with the entire enterprise. I’ve never liked competing for things, and I’ve never liked approaching people for money. Mix these together with the idea of proscribed fun and the threat of a deadline, and you’ve a very disagreeable confection.

I don’t mention which books I decided to read, perhaps because I hated it all so much. But I suspect I went for stuff I’d already read, in an extremely mild attempt at rebellion.

Take that, sponsorship Stasi!

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