Wednesday 7 October 1987

…My watch strap has broken and I don’t know why.
This morning we had our class photographs – our individual ones, not a group one.
Ugh – it was awful.
You just can’t get away from them, even at secondary school.
We had a supply teacher for a bit, who was called Mrs Parker.
Imagine if she was Mrs No C. Parker.
But of course there is no name as “No”, so this would not work…

I never looked my best in my school photos, but I could have done without other people calling attention to this fact. The nadir occurred when, after being “done” at some point in my mid-teens, a teacher came up and said to me (and everyone in the vicinity): “What’s up with you? You look dreadful. Haha!”

I tried to think of a pithy comeback, but I was too humiliated.

Thankfully I was now at an age where I could plead pointedly and successfully with my parents for them not to order copies for their family album.

I was happy for them to remember me this way:

Yes, that is what you think it is on my jumper

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