Thursday 3 December 1987

…In science we looked at magnetism and why things become magnetised when
you do certain things to them – very interesting.
Then in library studies we had to carry on with our plans for a library of the future.
In design we were doing the dreaded fabrics again, but I passed my “driving test”
which means I am now allowed to use one of the school sewing machines.

This all sounds highly dubious to me. How was this “driving test” officiated? Would it have passed scrutiny by Lynn Faulds-Wood? I very much hope it wasn’t just something my school had made up to impress parents.

Needless to say I forgot most of what I learned incredibly quickly, in part because I never sewed another garment for the rest of my time at school, in part because I had more important things to remember.

3 thoughts on “Thursday 3 December 1987

    • I seem to have worked on it for a couple more weeks, but then I don’t mention it again. Inevitably, the library’s books were delivered by plastic tubes: that de facto motif for anything futuristic.

      Everything was supposed to be delivered by plastic tubes in the 21st century. WHERE ARE THEY?!

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