Sunday 5 April 1987

…Here is more news of the Grand National.
One person got a broken nose, one got a broken arm, one horse had
to be killed and someone else got knocked unconscious.
What a mess.
Last night I had a terrible nose bleed.
Well all nose bleeds are terrible, but this one lasted half an hour.
In the circumstances that’s quite good, because they usually last
three-quarters of an hour…

That sounds preposterous. Three-quarters of an hour? Shouldn’t I have passed out by that point?

Saturday 18 October 1986

…I got up at 7.30 and got dressed at 8.00 to watch
The Muppet Babies, The Queen in China and
Saturday Superstore till 12.15pm.
Bought Whizzer and Chips as always and I got a book on
inventions and the Boys Handbook, or rather mum and dad got it,
from a second hand book sale.
England are playing Australia in the final after beating
West Germany 2-1 in the Hockey World Cup For Men…

That was the official name for the tournament. Oh yes. Don’t think for a minute I was merely taking another fickle interest in the latest big sporting occasion.